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Hi I'm a...

Freelance artist, crafter of pretty things, professional daydreamer, RPG addict, fantasy lover and cozy bookworm.

About me

My name is Sylvia Strijk and I'm a freelance artist, living in the Netherlands. I love being swept away to another world by myths and fantasy stories. Within my work I'm seeking to create an ethereal, magical world where you can experience a sense of mystery and wonder. I seek inspiration for my work in portraiture, flowers, mythology and songs.

I've studied fine art, illustration and media design. My work has been featured on book covers, posters, advertisements and exhibited in various galleries.

Visualize your story


Online or in print an illustration can really make your story come to live.

Graphic design

Your logo is the face of your company it tells your customers a lot about who you are. Together we can combine your story into your brand identity, so you can stand out in the crowd.

Personal commission

A portrait of a loved one, pet or your favourite D&D character. Give something special or treat yourself. I'm open for doing personal commissions and help you give a very special gift


A book is always judged by it's cover. It's the first impression any potential readers get. A cover should capture the feel of the story inside, without revealing to much. You worked hard on creating a story worth reading. Let's look together for the most attractive way to sell your story.